Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Cpt. Gruumshak

I´m so happy. Cpt. Gruumshak is already finished and the pictures are setting him in the right light. Big thanks to Philip from Massiv Voodoo. This bust is a real eyecathcer by itsself, so it isn´t such a hard job to paint it up. But a real pleasure to paint.
By the way Philip made some other pictures of older works of mine so here comes a real flood of pictures for you. Some of them were faster works between miniatures for competitions. So enjoy.


  1. Neat stuff, look forward to seeing more.
    Love Cpt. Gruumshak he is awesome.
    Also added you to my Blog feed :)

  2. The Orc Captain ist just stunning! Love the colous! You are showing some amazing work, Sir!