Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

Sign of Life

Hello out there This will be the first post in my new blog. I don´t want to say too much bla bla bla. So i think it´s nice to be back again in the world of blogs and i will show you my latest works to get in the right way. The first mini to show is Hellscream. It´s my version of the wonderful Scale 75 Skargh sculpted by Freeman. I have learned a lot of painting skin because i have really tried out some different colours and to work with some glazes to make the skin more interesting. Also i have made so many mistakes with basing, that i will make a plan for future projects to make it much easier than i did it here. pictures.
The next few pics will show you my current project from LeBeN Models. Great miniature. That is all i can say. It´s still Wip so the pics aren´t the best. Sorry for that.

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